1. Improve the farming pattern & progress of Agricultural production.
  2. Ensure the quality Agricultural inputs to the door steps of the farmer.
  3. Supply Environment friendly agricultural inputs & maintain Eco-Friendly environment.
  4. Ensure low dose product which is cost effective and environment friendly.
  5. Improve the farmers / distributors economic condition and progress the life style.
  6. Introduce the modern farming to increase the productivity of land.
  7. Control the pest & diseases to increase the production / crop yield.
  8. Improve the Agricultural production and set up a sustainable Agricultural economy.
  9. Establish a good, friendly and win win situation business relationship to the principal company & stake holder.
  10. Looking ahead and bright future.

Vision :

The company visions are as under:-

  1. To increase our turn over / market size gradually.
  2. To make a number of satisfied employees to the company & customers as well.
  3. To make a good number of educated farmers in the country to facilitate the agro based knowledge.
  4. To maximize the Agriculture production / yield all over the Bangladesh.
  5. To increase the quality crop and ensure the health safety of the people.
  6.  To ensure the quality agricultural inputs to the door steps of the farmer.
  7.  To become a leading Agricultural business in near future.

Our mission is ensuring supply of food to all human and make Bangladesh a piece of green world.